The strength of a woman

Created with Love for Most Valuable Beauty.

 MVB6 is stemmed from a mother’s unconditional love for her child.

MVB6 originated in January 2018 from Mikah (meaning leadership) Vero (meaning truth) Barrow (child’s surname), and the 6th day, he was born in February. Mikah Vero Barrow is the child of MVB6 founder, Katrina Payne.

With such passion for this brand and what it is going to represent such as the Most Valuable Beauty for women. MVB6 stands on a strong foundation that strongly takes into account the value and strength of a woman.

A woman always needs to complete her look of beauty. One way of completing this look is by adding a precious gem, that is jewelry.

In essence, MVB6, the Most Valuable Beauty x 6 includes the following:

  1. Most Valuable Beauty
  2. Most Valuable Breathtaking lady
  3. Most Valuable Bubble of joy and wisdom
  4. Most Valuable Brilliant mind
  5. Most Valuable Body
  6. Most Valuable Benevolent Attitude

We have been listening to the market and based on what is liked, we have included it in our collection.

We have:

  1. antique engagement rings,
  2. rose gold engagement rings,
  3. unique engagement rings,
  4. white gold rings,
  5. promise rings,
  6. sterling silver rings


Our aim is to give back to the community: 

  1. Through charities from sales
  2. Confidence tips
  3. Beauty and self confidence blogging
  4. Sharing other persons’ challenges and successes


We welcome all feedback and we are happy that you have joined the MVB6 site. We invite you to subscribe below, redeem your points for discounts and utilize interest free installments for your jewelry.

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