Promise Ring for Her: An Old Story

Promise Ring for Her: An Old Story

Promise Ring for Her

Should there be a promise ring for your girlfriend? 

Everyone knows that wedding rings and engagement rings are worn on the 4th finger of the left hand. Some say it’s because it has a vein that runs from there all the way to the heart – but no one’s quite sure. Research has shown that centuries ago, Egyptians gave rings to their brides to indicate an undying love. Not long after, Roman men gave rings to their women as a sign of ownership. Engagement rings and wedding rings have been around for centuries, but what about promise rings?

When did the use of Promise rings begin, what makes them different, and when are Promise rings meant to be used?

We would love to explore this rich history with you!

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What Is a Promise Ring?

Some may think that they are superfluous or unnecessary. They ask themselves questions like ‘why create a step between dating and betrothal if you’re going to get engaged anyway?’ Why not go straight to an engagement ring? But promise rings are important. They show devotion or commitment between couples. They can be thought of as a sign or display of love, similar to boys giving their class rings to their girlfriends back in high school. It shows you’re dating, and it’s a good way to express your passion when words fall short.

Investing in a promise ring means a lot more than updating your relationship status on Facebook. A promise ring shows you’re promising yourselves to each other. It is a visible symbol of a romantic connection. It could hold the pledge that you will make better choices for each other, always be faithful to each other or make sacrifices for the good of the relationship.

A lot of people use promise rings to indicate future engagement. Others who exchange promise rings may have no intention of ever getting married. They consider the concept of marriage as archaic or that they are not interested in being committed, not now, not soon. They just want a symbol of their current relationship’s significance which is actually not a bad idea. When it comes to love and dating, we all have our own views and some people simply take their relationship for what it is – nothing more, nothing less.

When It All Started

The idea of giving a ring as a promise of affection and love didn’t start today. It started a long time ago – as far back as 1576

Posy ring being a type of promise ring originated in England in the 16th century. They were given such name because they were engraved with lines from romantic poems. Some inscriptions example include “united hearts death only parts”. Some centuries later, during the Victorian and Georgian eras, acrostic rings became popular. The gemstones here were made to spell out words, like a secret message. For example, using las, ope, venti, and emerald together on a ring spells the word “love”. If a couple are not financially stable enough to start a family, their intentions could be shown using a promise ring. Also, if a man can’t afford an engagement ring for his woman, a promise ring can serve as a placeholder. Women only started giving promise rings to their men in the 20th century.

Other Meanings Behind Promise Rings

Today, people use promise rings for so many things. For example, friends give themselves promise rings to show their bond with each other. This is similar to weaving friendship bracelets. You can even buy a promise ring for yourself for a particular purpose regarding attaining your goals or dreams – the options are never ending! But, though it is true that promise rings can mean whatever you want it to, most times they are used as a pre-engagement ring or a romantic commitment.

There are various ring styles that make a promise ring interesting.

What’s The Difference between Promise Rings and Purity Rings?

People often use the terms “purity ring” and “promise ring” interchangeably, but the truth is they are different. Chastity rings or purity rings have a different motivation and history behind them than promise rings. Purity rings became popular in the 1990s, and they are heavily linked with religious groups. They are meant to be a sign of abstinence until marriage. More often than not, parents give their daughters purity rings. Then, traditionally, the purity ring is replaced with a wedding ring on her wedding day.

What Type of Promise Ring Should You Get?

Picking the type of male / female promise ring that suits your needs can be a daunting task. The decision depends on so many factors. Factors include your budget, the nature of your relationship, and your personal style. If you see a promise ring as a fashion piece and not just a romantic one, then there’s no limit to your options. A few popular ones include a mosaic of gemstones or a birthstone ring. These display your personality and have a more intrinsic meaning for your relationship. The heart shape rings or infinity symbol are popular Promise rings for a lady. They are always elegant and are also a great way to show your lifelong devotion and love.

Rings that have intertwined designs, such as two-tone gold rings are unisex. Promise rings for a guy may have a modern twist design, or they may be a little more classic like a silver gemstone ring. A traditional Irish Claddagh ring is a good and unique idea for a Promise ring. A Claddagh ring design depicts loyalty, love, and friendship. One more thing to consider is having your promise ring inscribed. Choosing a phrase that depicts your commitment and engraving it inside can be lovely.

If you plan on building onto the promise ring when you get married or engaged, you need to see things from another perspective. You should try searching for an adaptable design that can be adjusted or turned into a larger piece. For instance, you could alter the promise ring by adding one more ring but try to keep things simple. Like we said earlier, it’s totally okay to get a promise ring in sterling silver. But if you want to be extravagant, a stackable ring with diamonds or a gold Promise ring would be perfect. There are no rules guiding how expensive the ring should be, but spending less than you’re meant on an engagement ring isn’t a bad idea.

Promise Ring Etiquette

Though people don’t take Promise rings seriously, this shouldn’t be the case. They should be taken seriously by a couple who know they have a future together. There’s no particular promise ring etiquette, however, here are a few guidelines for you:

Though people don’t take Promise rings seriously, this shouldn’t be the case. They should be taken seriously by a couple who know they have a future together. There’s no particular promise ring etiquette, however, here are a few guidelines for you:

  1. You and your partner should have been dating for at least a year before a promise ring is being brought to the picture.
  2. A promise ring would be perfect if a proper engagement ring is not feasible (price wise) for you at the moment.
  3. A promise ring is a perfect way of showing how serious you are about being with your partner in a relationship.
  4. Promise rings are used based on life circumstances- when neither of you are ready to be engaged quite yet.

Just as communication is key to other matters in a relationship, it is also important when taking the bold step that leads to putting on the promise ring. Both parties ought to know why they are getting a Promise ring – either for the present or for the future. Promise rings could be presented on birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even over a candlelit dinner. Any occasion would be great, it just has to be reasonably romantic to mark the occasion.

Promise rings don’t have to be given on bended knee or come in an elaborate jewelry box. Even though it’s a romantic ring, it doesn’t mean you should make things seem like it’s a proposal. It’s not about the drama in the presentation but about making clear the intention for the ring in the relationship. Ensure you let your partner know that it’s a Promise ring and also explain your intentions behind it. Don’t send the wrong message by making it look like an engagement ring.

Another thing to have in mind about promise rings is that there’s no particular finger for it. it can be worn on any finger you want, even on the wedding ring finger. You can also change the finger you wear it on if you eventually become engaged. To avoid unnecessary misconceptions, promise rings are worn on a chain around the neck or on the middle finger of the left hand. If it happens to be a symbol of friendship or something personal, you probably shouldn’t wear it on your left ring finger.

Unfortunately, even after all the promises of the world and the exchanging of promise rings, relationships may still end, there is never a guarantee. However, have in mind that Promise rings don’t have to be returned- depending on the nature of the breakup. They’re also not meant to be expensive so they can be safely pawned or tucked in your closet as a memento until you eventually meet the person you want to marry.

The best way to wear a promise ring

If it is a pre-engagement ring, you can wear it on your left hand (ring finger) as a sign that you are in a committed relationship. A lot of people wear it there and then replace it with their actual engagement ring when the time is right.

Nevertheless, some still don’t want their promise ring being confused with an engagement ring. For this reason, they wear it on the ring finger on their right hand or on the middle finger of their left hand.

Should a promise ring be worn all the time?

Some people prefer to wear it occasionally while others like to wear theirs all the time and not take it off. You have to decide this together as a couple.

Choosing the precious metal?

You have to choose the precious metal carefully but this will depend largely on how often your significant other will wear their promise ring. We recommend platinum for daily wear, as it is the best and the toughest – but it’s also the most expensive.

Another great option is gold is because it lasts and is beautiful and comes in both 18K and 9k choices. Plus, it has many colors like rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. 18K gold is more expensive than 9K gold. .

Buy the Best Promise Ring for Your Loved One Today

Promise rings are a declaration of love and have been around for years. They are different from purity rings and engagement rings, and they’re an ideal way to show your feelings when letters, songs, and poems can’t. We have a wide selection of gorgeous Promise rings in our collection. From diamond rings to classic bands, there’s something for everyone.

Some of Our Promise Rings for Her Include;

Diamond Promise Rings.We have real diamond promise rings for her which are the perfect preferred classic rings.

Heart Promise RingsBeautifully designed, heart promise rings are another very popular type of promise rings.

Silver Promise RingsThis is perfect for her if you’d rather not go with gold promise rings, plus they’re cheaper too.

Stackable Promise RingsThese are really beautiful promise rings that look like rings that are stacked on top of each other.

White Gold Promise RingsLoved by almost everyone, white gold promise rings for her are the go-to for most young lovers.

Yellow Gold Promise RingsThis is very classy and is also great for those who love the classic style.

Couples Promise RingsThough we don’t offer promise rings that are specifically for men, both of you can wear the same ring to show your commitment to each other.

Promise Ring for GirlfriendLooking for a promise ring for the girlfriend? Please go through our selection and we promise you’ll find something that suits both your tastes.

Affordable Promise RingsWe have lots of affordable promise rings for her. Please go through our collection and select your preferred design, material and setting. If you have any questions please contact us here and we’ll make the process easier.

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